Greenhouse Communications Social Media Case Study

Social Media Case Study
  • Case Study:

    Nashville Interior Design firm

    Ongoing campaign

    5 platform strategy — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz


    Hired in January 2016 to manage social media accounts to raise brand awareness! Our strategy was focused on building awareness for the business by creating strategic content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz.

    Built social media strategy with strategic campaigns to increase awareness and engage audience
    Provide weekly updates after evaluating analytics
    Managed community management and social networking efforts

    Strategy & Tactics:

    Created strategic social media content strategy
    Connected with targeted audience and influencers through social networking and follower strategy. This was done by engaging with others on Pinterest and Facebook as well as key search terms on Instagram and Twitter.

    The Results:

    Website Referral Traffic:

    Social media accounts for 15% (40 people) of weekly referral traffic to website

    80% of the weekly sessions are new, 14% (32 people) are new users 22% (9 people) weekly conversions (Contact Us)

    Facebook is responsible for 64% of monthly web traffic Instagram is responsible for 13% of monthly web traffic Pinterest is responsible for 5% of monthly web traffic Twitter is responsible for 4% of monthly web traffic Houzz is responsible for 10.67% of monthly web traffic

    Community Growth & Engagement


    Increased Instagram followers by 333%, 1,299 followers (Starting 300) Increased weekly Instagram impressions by 5,466%, 5,556 impressions per week (Starting 100)
    Increased weekly Instagram profile views by 1134%, 617 views per week (Starting 50)

    Increased weekly website hits to 3 clicks (starting 0)


    Increased Pinterest followers by 390%, 1,960 new followers (Starting 400) Increased average Pinterest daily impressions by 207%, 10k daily impressions (Starting 3,247)
    Increased average Pinterest daily viewers by 429%, 4,170 average daily viewers (Starting 787)

    Increased average Pinterest monthly viewers to 43,292 monthly viewers


    Grew Facebook page organically by 82%, 1,092 fans (Starting 600) Increased average weekly Facebook impressions by 2,987%, 2,162 weekly (Starting 70)
    Increased weekly post engagement by 8,666%, 526 (Starting 6)


    Grew Twitter organically by 123% to 916 fans (Starting 410)

    Increased average monthly Twitter impressions by 76% 8,248 (Starting 4,668)


    Grew Reviews from 4 reviews to 11
    Grew Houzz followers from 98 to 251
    Added 5 new projects
    Gained Houzz Badges: Houzz Influencers (for getting projects shared), Recommended on Houzz (for getting new reviews), Houzz 500 saves (utilizing the Idea Boards), and Best of Houzz 2017 for Service.


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