Friday Favorites: Instagram accounts

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

This is the first post for our Friday Favorites. Every Friday I will round up things that inspire me and hopefully will inspire you too! This post will feature my favorite Instagram accounts!

As an entrepreneur and a creative, I get burnt out. To get my creative juices going I browse Instagram. But, it does get overwhelming when there are millions of magazine worthy photos floating around in Insta world, and you just don’t know where to stop and look. (Side note: I do go down a dark tunnel of food videos. But, Tasty just makes the best recipes.) But, there are two female Instagram accounts I know I can rely on to help me get out of a slump. These women are successful, great role models and their feed is gorgeous. Read about them below. You can thank me later for introducing you to them if you haven’t heard of them (but I bet you’re already following them).


@lunaticatlarge  24.9k followers

Kristin Luna is a travel journalist and the author of her 10-year-old blog Camels & Chocolates, which she covers a wide variety of topics. I started following her blog because I was interested in her documentation of renovating her home, so I started following her on Instagram. If the travel bug has bitten you, seriously follow this account. I get serious travel envy following her, but she is so sweet and actually talks back to the people who comment. Plus, the girl has serious yoga moves.


@Prbossbabe 46k followers

Laura Gimbert is the owner of  Laura Gimbert PR, a public relations firm in Los Angeles that focuses on hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries. Laura’s account is a nice variety of #relationshipgoals, fashion, travel, and fitness. Her caption mentions empowering boss babes- and her Instagram reflects that. She talks about being an entrepreneur herself and how she balances work and personal life. 

Go check out these inspiring women! And, catch me next Friday for another round of Friday Favorites.


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